easyStock is an online inventory management system that lets you manage your stock inventory from anywhere in the world whether you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Discover features that will save you time & money

Stock & Inventory

Manage your complete stock inventory

Sales Quote

Send a confirmation sales quote to customers

Taxes & Discounts

Give discounts or make taxes on sales & purchases

Stock Adjustment

You can adjust stock either by value or quantity


Manage your customers


Add multiple currencies with conversion rates

Stock Types

Different stock types (Ready Products , Raw materials, Consumables)


Manage your suppliers

Export Options

Print, email or export all data in multiple file formats (PDF, Excel, Word, etc.)


Add multiple warehouses, assign stock inventory to any warehouse


Manage your employees

Reorder Notifications

Get notifications for low stock, low sales, outstanding payments etc.

Purchase Orders

Manage your purchases


Make salaries for your employees

Multiple Themes

Personalize your easyStock theme with multiple color and font options

Sales Orders

Manage your sales

Pay Slips

Create monthly pay slips for your employees

Free Updates

We are continuously updating the software by including new features and plugins.

Work Orders

Create work orders from raw materials and convert them in products

Accounts Payable

Manage payments for your sales & purchases

Free Training

Free training to use easyStock system

Billing & Invoicing

Create invoices for sales & purchases with print & email options

Accounts Receivable

Manage payments for your sales & purchases

Free Support

Life time support (email, live chat and integrated support system) included